Artisan answers your questions about their Oriental and area rug care services…

Q: What is the process my rugs go through to be repaired by Artisan?
A: Here are the steps, from start to finish:

  • You contact us by phone or email to discuss your needs.
  • You give us information about the rug(s) and send digital photos, including shots of the back of the rug and any tags it may have. Your photos should include:
  • A shot of the whole rug from the front
  • A front-side close-up of a corner, including and edge and end
  • A back-side close-up of a corner, including an edge and end
  • Any tags on the back side
  • Front- and back-side shots of the damaged area, with a ruler or tape measure indicating the size of the damage
  • When we receive the photos, we call you to discuss the appropriate course of action, including restoration options, and provide an initial non-binding estimate.
  • If the initial estimate meets with your approval, an agreed-upon value is placed on the rug, and it is insured and shipped by you to our NYC office. We assume full responsibility for the piece once it is accepted into our NYC office.
  • We closely inspect the rug, take detailed photos and provide a comprehensive quote for the work to be done. This is the quote from which you will pay for our services.
  • Once you approve the quote, a deposit is paid and the work begins.
  • On major restorations, reports are provided as work progresses.
  • When work is completed, payment in full is due, and we ship the insured rug to you at your expense. We accept all major credit cards.

Q: Why is the initial estimate non-binding?
A: Since the initial estimate is done from your photos, there may be unforeseen conditions and damage we can’t entirely assess. The only proper way for us to avoid overestimating – and to make sure damage is properly assessed – is to do so in person. Fortunately, our phone and photo process provides an assessment that is accurate enough for you to make a decision whether or not to proceed.

Q: Is my rug insured?
A: Yes. You insure the rug to and from NYC. We are responsible the rest of the way.

Q: Why is this work being sent to Turkey?
A: In fact, most of our minor repairs and refinishing are performed here in the U.S. Major restorations are sent to Turkey because we enjoy incredible results at half the cost of doing the work here. Our newly built state-of-the-art facility provides an unmatched working environment; and our team of talented native artisans, steeped in the traditions of rug weaving and repair, is provided with the finest materials to carefully restore your rug.

Q: Who pays for shipping and insurance?
A: From your location to NYC and back, shipping along with insurance is paid by you. Shipping and insurance while we have the rug is included in the quote we provide.

Q: Why not use my local dealer?
A: We encourage all of our clients to establish a relationship with a local rug professional who can provide routine care. We can often help you find someone in your area. You want to entrust your rugs to an expert who can give you proper advice and has expert craftsmen to do the work. Unfortunately, most local rug and carpet dealers who offer service do so as an add-on to their regular business. We at Artisan specialize in the care of fine rugs. The advice and services that we offer go beyond the expertise of almost all local dealers.

Q: Are repairs and restorations expensive?
A: Not all rugs are worth repairing or restoring. Our first concern is to be sure that the cost to restore your rug is appropriate considering its current value against its potential value after the recommended work is performed. For fine rugs and tapestries, it is far more costly to let their value literally ravel away than to have them properly repaired to arrest damage; or expertly restored to return them to their original beauty.

Q: How do I know how much my rug is worth?
A: We provide you with a “before and after” valuation as part of the estimate process. We can also provide comprehensive certified appraisals for a fee.

Q: Can you repair and restore silk rugs and tapestries?
A: Yes. We are one of the few companies that offer this service. However, as with any other rug or tapestry, we must examine the piece to advise and guide you.

Have another question for us? Call us at 1.888.877.1322 or e-mail us. We have the answers to your rug repair, restoration, cleaning and appraisal questions!

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